TRIZ (the Russian acronym for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) is a unique knowledge-based methodology for generating new concepts. The power of TRIZ is based on the understanding of the evolution of successful products, ways to overcome psychological barriers and generalization of the ways used to solve problems in the most innovative inventions. TRIZ involves a systematic analysis of a problem to be solved and the application of a series of guidelines for the generation of solution alternatives.

The rate of generating breakthrough concepts and ideas for improvement of a current product or replacement of it with next product-generation has become the real key to success in competition.

What technology do you use to generate breakthrough concepts and ideas?  What methods do you use to a solve conflict avoiding a trade-off by satisfying both of the conflicting requirements.  How reliable is your technological forecast of improvements of your and competitorsí products?  How do decision makers solve their long-term planning dilemmas? Developed in the former Soviet Union, TRIZ methods are drawn from analysis of the most innovative inventions in different industries technologies and fields of engineering. The common trends in the evolution of many successful products were described. These trends provide an understanding of product development and point to opportunities to accelerate product development cycle. These trends are reliable base for a technological forecast of improvement of a current product or replacement it with next product-generation. More...


TOP-TRIZ is a user-friendly contemporary generation of TRIZ, developed by Zinovy Royzen, president and founder of TRIZ Consulting, Inc. It is one of the most advanced and effective versions of TRIZ. It enhances your analytical thinking in problem formulation and problem solving. The power of TOP-TRIZ has been proven by solving many difficult problems.

Patent TOP-TRIZ is a further development of Classical TRIZ by Zinovy Royzen. TOP-TRIZ includes further development of problem formulation and problem modeling, Standard Solutions, ARIZ and Laws of Evolution of Technical Systems. It has integrated TRIZ methods into a user friendly system of analytical thinking.

A set of courses provides the learners of TOP-TRIZ with practical experience sufficient to achieve outstanding results.

TOP-TRIZ involves a systematic analysis of a problem to be solved and application of a series of detailed guidelines for generating solution alternatives. TOP-TRIZ analysis of an innovative situation has integrated system approach, function analysis and Tool-Object-Product (TOP) function modeling. TOP-TRIZ classifies innovative problems and offers corresponding problem solving methods for each class of problems. The methods include algorithms for resolving conflicts between product parameters while minimizing product changes and costs. More...


Most recent patent applications developed with our help:

US Patent Application No 20140106616: Electrical Connector for Reduction of Fluid-Induced Electrical Shorting



Zinovy Royzen's TRIZ project "System for Detecting Surgical Sponges" won the first place and platinum award at The 4th Global Competition/Exhibition on Systematic Innovation (GCSI), 2014 .

award award

Zinovy Royzen's paper "TOP-TRIZ, Method for Innovation, Applications, Implementation" received an Excellent paper Award at The 5th International Conference on Systematic Innovation, July 16-18, 2014, San Jose, CA.

award award

"Innovation by Conflict Solving" tutorial conducted by Z. Royzen was well recieved.


Most recent Invention that was developed with our help: US Patent No 8,134,066, granted on March 13, 2012