" The Basic TRIZ training course provided by Zinovy, uses his algorithmic flow and user friendly methods to guide the student through problem formulation, classification, and solution using the appropriate TRIZ tools to determine the best solution concepts. The course material is very well organized with examples detailing the use of each tool or principle. I found the course comprehensive and challenging. The Advance and Practitioner courses taught me greater understanding and developed my ability to apply TRIZ to real life problems. Since the Practitioner course I've applied TRIZ to solve problems, lead TRIZ workshops, and made presentations on the theory and benefits of TRIZ. In that time, Zinovy has continued to be an excellent mentor for me. I highly recommend his courses.

Ted Barnes
Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing Company
Certified TRIZ Practitioner

" I have taken many professional development training courses over my career in science and engineering. I found the Basic TRIZ and Advanced Practice TRIZ courses to be the most useful, the most stimulating, and the most satisfying of these trainings. Although I have only been applying the techniques and algorithms for a few months, I have been able to find new solutions to chronic manufacturing problems in our plant. The process can be used on low tech and high tech levels. I have used the method from simply helping to take cost out of a manufacturing process to developing intellectual property based on new solid state physics.
Two features of TRIZ that I really find to be especially valuable are: 1) The functional analysis process forces you understand what the problem really is on a fundamental level. 2) The TOP TRIZ algorithm is complete. You can't miss what the general solutions are. You can be confident that if a solution to your challenge exists, you will find it."

Peter R. Menge, Ph. D.
Senior Scientist. Saint-Gobain Crystals

" Are you looking for a no-compromises way employ all the benefits of classical TRIZ without all the down time to learn it? Then Zinovy’s TOP-TRIZ program may be for you. Zinovy is on a mission to bring the power of TRIZ thinking and tools to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. To do this, he has leveraged his unique TRIZ master certification under founder Genrich Altshuller, to further evolve classical TRIZ into "TOP-TRIZ".
TOP-TRIZ combines "Tool-Object-Product" (TOP) modeling with Zinovy’s proprietary simplified methods of "ideal ways", "ARIZ", "Direct Ways", and root-cause analysis--to give TRIZ students the tools to quickly exercise the power of TRIZ in less time.

I first took this TOP-TRIZ training back in 2004 (based on the recommendation of a colleague) as a young engineer with moderate experience in finding solutions. But since achieving TOP-TRIZ practitioner certification, I have been invited within my company to work in teams outside of my own expertise (Civil-Environmental Engineering) to provide the TRIZ perspective. And these opportunities have allowed me to observe how some of the design "tricks" that the smartest senior engineers use, learned by trial and error over many years, are often already catalogued in TRIZ. Therefore, I come in to a project with a suite of shortcuts, tricks, and solution algorithms that were once discerned by only the best and brightest, allowing me to "fit in" and be invited back.
But now Zinovy has taken TOP-TRIZ another step in the evolution, with the introduction of Innovator’s EngineTM software, which shortens the learning and implementation curves further. Now, much of the process of TOP modeling, ARIZ, direct ways, and ideal ways is performed by the software, allowing users to focus on solutions. So for me, it has become a must have, even though I was already comfortable working TOP-TRIZ by hand.
So, if you are seeking a TRIZ teacher, mentor, or consultant, or want to hyper-drive your implementation of TRIZ without compromising the power of classical TRIZ, you need to consider Zinovy’s TOP-TRIZ program and Innovator’s EngineTM. It is the only TRIZ program with TOP, now made even easier with software, to give you the power of classical TRIZ without all the down time to learn and implement it.

Mark Richardson
Lead Engineer, Supplier Liaison, The Boeing Company
Certified TRIZ Practitioner

" Zinovy is a truly amazing TRIZ educator, inventor, and problem solver. His series of TRIZ classes are the best, most useful, and most interesting classes I've ever taken (and like all engineers I've taken a LOT of classes, and then some). They will make you a much better and more inventive problem solver. Don't let the word 'Theory' in 'Theory of Inventive Problem Solving' fool you; TRIZ is a practical tool for solving all types of engineering, scientific, and business problems. For these reasons, and also because TRIZ Masters are very few and far between, if you have a chance to work with Zinovy, through his classes or through his consulting business, I highly recommend it.

Ross Blanton
P.E., Certified TRIZ Practitioner,
Mechanical Design Engineer, Boeing

" I was first exposed to TRIZ in 1998, as an alternative problem solving method. After studying Altshuller's materials and the TRIZ journal, I took Zinovy's beginning level class in 2000, and pursued the Advanced Practice and the Certified TRIZ Practitioner Course 2014.
Zinovy's course materials include a summary of the methods in his 'TOP-TRIZ Problem Formulator', which contains a TOP-TRIZ Flow Chart, to provide a step by step process flow to problem formulation, classification, solution, and evaluation. This is a handy reference I rely on in my application of TRIZ to both practice and real-world problems.
I was most interested in the application of TRIZ to organizational conflicts and to software development. Although the course examples are focused on technical contradictions, I have been successful in extending Zinovy's analysis approach

and TOP (Tool-Object-Product) model to organizational and software development conflicts.
Extending these concepts beyond technical and physical contradictions is an additional level of abstraction, and in my opinion one level more difficult. Zinovy's technical problems in the advanced class provides sufficient practice to abstract the concepts.
I have also applied Zinovy's techniques for the critical evaluation of an immature technology with great success. Using skills honed in the Advanced Practice course, I was able to confirm the conditions exist for a very harmful type of wear, which the company experts had earlier dismissed.
I highly recommend Zinovy's course series to anyone interested in solving difficult, complex, and/or inventive problems, whether they are technical, physical, organizational, or in software development."

Scott Button
PE, MSME, MSEM, Theory of Constraints Jonah
Certified TRIZ Practitioner
Boeing Special Invention Award, 2000, 2008, 2010, 2013
Patents #6,164,477, #6,325,568, #8,581,904, others pending
Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing

" I am so glad that I attended your class in Seattle, Washington. I have been following the TRIZ development for some time. I like the way you conducting your teaching and more importantly. I also think that you made good contribution on developing TRIZ towards an exact science.
Your TOP (Tool-Object-Product) model is much cleaner than original substance-field model for functions, and based on this new model of functions, you can actually reduce the number of standard solutions, and make those solutions more independent from subject-of-matter knowledge. This is a 'trimming of unnecessary functions' of original TRIZ, make it more coherent and easier to use. Also, this new model for functions are very compatible with other commonly used function definitions of other field, such as value engineering, axiomatic design. So eventually, it will make TRIZ easier to be integrated with other methods.
Thank you again!"

Kai Yang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department
Wayne State University